North Lawrence Fish and Game Club
15325 Lawmont St., North Lawrence, OH
NLFG Office - 330.832.2411 or

Hours of Operation

Club House / Office / Trap Rifle and Pistol Ranges
Sunday 10am-3pm 9am-Dusk (*every day, all year)
Tuesday 5pm-9pm (starting in April)
*Closed Christmas, Easter,
Wednesday 5pm-8pm  and Registered Events
Friday 12pm-4pm (starting in April) Archery Range
Saturday 12pm-4pm
 Dawn-Dusk (every day, all year)
  Sporting Clays - **closed**
**Hours subject to change**  

Check the Quick Links or Calendar for specific event times and dates...
        Very Important - Not all public and private events are posted on the web site calendar.

For questions or to schedule an event, please contact the Office at 330.832.2411 or
We may close due to inclement weather, please call the Office to confirm we are open.

Membership info is available anytime the club is open.  Click the links below for the 2018 forms.
                  2018 New Membership Application
2018 Membership Renewal

Receive a discount on your renewal fees.  For every new member that you refer to NLFG and becomes an oficial member, you will receive 25%.

Please contact our Membership Manager Abigail Seidwitz at 330.472.3610 for more information.

Lost and found - If you found something, bring it to the office.  If you lost something, call the office to inquire.

Kiddie Fire Extinguisher Recall - click for more information

Upcoming Events - See Calendar for details

Mar 11 - Turkey Shoot, Entry Level Archery
Mar 17 - Traders Day
Mar 18 - Entry Level Archery
Mar 25 - Turkey Shoot, Entry Level Archery
Apr 3 - Spring Trap League starts
April 7 - Protector Shoot
April 8 - Turkey shoot (added date)
April 8 - Annual Youth Turkey Clinic

April 21 - Action Pistol
April 22 - Turkey shoot (added date)
April 29 - Entry Level Archery
May 1st - All species catch and release until June 30th
May 6 - Registered Shoot
May 19 - Action Pistol - go directly to the Pistol Range to sign in
May 19 - Northeast-Zone
May 20 - Northeast-Zone
, Entry Level Archery - outside at the Lake (weather permitting)

June 1 - Registered Friday
June 8 - Registered Friday
June 10 - Registered Shoot
June 15 - Registered Friday
June 16 - 1st Annual Veryl Turskey Memorial Steak Fry
June 16 - Action Pistol
June 24 - 11th Annual Youth Outdoor Day - register now
July 6 - Registered Friday
July 13 - Registered Friday
July 15 - Registered Shoot
July 20 - Registered Friday

July 21 - Action Pistol
July 22 - Entry Level Archery
July 27 - Central-Zone
July 28 - Central-Zone
July 29 - Central-Zone
Aug 18 - Action Pistol
Aug 19 - Entry Level Archery
Aug 26 - Registered Shoot
Sep 15 - Action Pistol
Sep 16 - Registered Shoot
Sep 23 - Entry Level Archery
Oct 7 - Registered Shoot
Oct 20 - Action Pistol




2018 Action Pistol - Open Events
Match Fee - $8 for NLFG Members, $13 for non-members.

April 21    9:00am-12:30pm
May 19     9:00am-12:30pm - go directly to the Pistol Range to sign in
June 16    9:00am-12:30pm
July 21     9:00am-12:30pm
Aug 18     9:00am-12:30pm
Sep 15     9:00am-12:30pm
Oct 20     9:00am-12:30pm

Register for all events on the PRACTISCORE banner below.

Please come to the Club House to get your score sheet (or register if you have not done so on PRACTISCORE), then to the Pistol Range by 8:45am for the safety briefing.

Each Action Pistol match is consist of 3 or 4 stages. Competitors will engage multiple targets in different arrangements in each stage, with typically 18 to 24 rounds per stage.

You'll need a pistol of 9mm or larger caliber and a strong-side belt holster that covers the trigger guard, enough magazines for 24 rounds of ammo for each stage, and mag pouches to carry them on your belt.

We follow the United State Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) rules and scoring. Rule book and more information can be found in

For questions, please contact the Match Director Don Bates at... or call 330.309.6903




11th Annual Youth Outdoor Day

Sponsored by the North Lawrence Fish and Game Club, Inc.
15325 Lawmont ST North Lawrence

Sunday June 24, 2018
Time 10:00am - 5:00pm

We are accepting 100 participants ages 10 yrs through 18 Yrs.
Need not be a member of NLFGC to participate.

Must Preregister

Events are:
Air Rifle, Archery, Trap Shooting (clay targets), .22 Target Rifles and Pistols, Fishing, Muzzle Loaders (Rifles)

All equipment furnished and Qualified Instructors Conducting All Activities

All Youth and Parents will enjoy a free lunch provided by NLFGC

Flag raising, pledge of allegiance and orientation begins at 10:00AM sharp.
Please come early so events can start on time.  All events start at 11:00AM. Please wear clothing to suit what weather conditions are or can become.  Example jackets, hats, sun screen and insect repellant. Flip Flops and open toed footwear are not recommended.  Rain or Shine.

Register now at under "Youth Outdoor Events"

Please only enter the child's name, not the adult's name.

Problems with registration contact 330-832-2411




North Lawrence Fish and Game Club
15325 Lawmont St.
North Lawrence, OH

A Message From the New President

I would like to start off by saying Merry Christmas and Happy New year! I hope you and yours had a wonderful time with family and friends and some great memories were made. The holi- days are a wonderfully hectic time of year, and it truly makes the Christmas parties and get- togethers with family and friends so valuable.

Over the past years, we’ve seen many changes in the organization. The outgoing board of directors did a great job. I intend to be a president for the membership, continue on the note our previous board left, and bring some new ideas to the table. I would like to see dinners again, I hope to make some needed improvements to our pavilions and buildings, and most importantly, I’dlike to generate some funds to bring down our line of credit. Many members have had thoughts and ideas for additions and work to be done, and I would like to see much of that being brought up again at our monthly meetings.

I would like to address the issue of the abuse of the mailing list last month. It was an event that the previous board was, unfortunately, unaware of until they also received their mail. Due to the age of our constitution and by-laws, some wording is very unclear pertaining to our evolving technology and resources. Be assured, this is an issue I will have amended as soon as humanly possible. On behalf of the outgoing board, I extend my deepest apologies to the membership.

I would like to end with some thanks. To my wife, Sarah, for her support; and my daughter, Abigail, for being my personal note-taking-organizing-secretary, and to each and every one of you for your votes and giving me the opportunity to hold this office. We’re gonna have a fantastic year.

Joe Seidwitz, President